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Demo Bikes

Come Check out our Demo bikes!  You can ride them on our group rides or rent the bike for as long as you want.  Our Demo fleet has a wide selection of different components and features so you can test all the new options be for you choose your next upgrade.

Demo and Premium Rental Bike We demo Trek's top of the line Madone, Emonda, and Domane so you can experience all the different features on the market right now. Limited sizing available must make a reservation.
Demo and Premium Rental Bike Real-world testing gives you real-world results with Trek's Speed Concept 9.5. Its lead just got a little larger with a US-made carbon frame that uses slippery Kammtail tubing. Those tubes are lighter, stiffer, and more aero than traditional designs, even in cross winds. On this rocket, nothing was overlooked: internal cable routing, hidden quick releases, and built-in brakes, computer sensors, even integrated storage, and computer mounts are all designed for aerodynamic speed. And, it's one of the most adjustable bikes available, so dial in the perfect tuck and push out every watt. Of course, the 9.5 is built for with top-end specs, with 11-speed Ultegra, carbon TT bars and frictionless Race Lite wheels. We have limited sizes at each location, reservations are required.
Race wheel Rentals So aero they practically disappear in the wind, Bontrager's Aeolus 9 D3 Wheels are just what you need to conquer your next triathlon or time trial. Named after the Greek god of the winds, these full-carbon beauties are handmade in Wisconsin from OCLV carbon, boast 90mm-deep rims and a Tour-proven shape for perfectly optimized aerodynamics at any yaw angle. They're faster on flats, faster on descents, faster in cross winds, you get the idea. And when the road turns up, these slick aero hoops are still light enough to climb. No compromises, no holding back, the Aeolus 9 D3 wheels are here to conquer the clock.
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