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Rental Reservation

Reservation Rental Option: This option is being offered due to the high demand of rentals during an event and the limited supply of some sizes. To better serve our customers for these events, we have added the following terms (marked by an *) in addition to our normal rental option. We will still offer rentals at a first-come-first-serve basis at all times.

  • Normal rental rates apply: E-bikes- $70 day
  • Normal rental rates apply: Hybrid bikes- $30 half day, $45 for 24hrs, $85 a week.
  • Normal rental rates apply: Aluminum Road bikes- $150 a week.
  • All rentals will be picked up and dropped off at Infinity Bicycles.
  • Please make request at least a week in advance 
  • *Reservations are held once this form is signed and full payment is received.
  • *There will be NO REFUNDS once payment is received.
  • *Reservations will be held until 12 PM of the day after scheduled pick-up.
  • *A credit card number will be held until bikes are returned.
  • *This card will be charged for the full retail value of any bikes not returned.
  • Please allow 24 hours for your request to be process
  • Lease Contract Terms
Full Name
All rentals will be picked up and dropped off at Infinity Bicycles.
Reservations must be made 48 hours ahead of time. Reservations over 4 bikes must be made two weeks ahead of time

Rider Information

Bike 1
Included with rental
Included with rental
Hybrid and Ebike options will only have platform pedals
We always offer rentals first come first serve as well with out a reservation.